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Learn how to create a healthy womb environment for your baby. Familiarize yourself with simple stretches to relieve stress and increase the likelihood of an easier delivery and faster recovery. Prepare for the emotional, hormonal and physical changes your body will experience during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Study all of the stages of labor and understand what to “do” during each stage. Gain information to become informed decision makers for yourself and your baby. This is a 6 week series, meeting on Monday nights from 7:00-9:00.  Partners are encouraged to attend. If your partner is unable to attend, due to deployment etc., you will be given a link to our online class (free of charge)  The last week of the series is a special class where just moms attend. We discuss breastfeeding and address EVERY unanswered question. We encourage you to finish the series in your 3rd trimester.  


Christi and Aimee are a dynamic team that teach each class in a way that encourages everyone to get involved and remain engaged throughout the learning journey . Our weekly series is $250 and is held at In Good Hands Chiropractic, in the Kings Grant area of Virginia Beach.

This class is approved for the Midwifery Center at DePaul.