What is a Virtual Doula? 

Essentially, we are still your support team. 


It just may look a little different by utilizing the tools we have to support you no matter the unique circumstances.

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It is our desire that you have a fulfilling birth experience.


For $500 our Virtual Doula Services are offering you the following support:

  • access to our online childbirth education series

  • 2 prenatal virtual meetings

  • 24-hour on-call virtual support (via facetime or phone) while at home and as needed throughout your labor.  This also includes virtual support as needed for breastfeeding while in the hospital.

  • Postpartum Support

  • Support via facetime or phone call once arriving home

  • 1 call or facetime support every day for the first week

  • 1 call or facetime support every other day for the second week


To get started on your Virtual Doula Support,

please contact us to check on availability for your

Estimated Due Date. (EDD)