“While tackling my third birth, a VBAC, Christi and Aimee provided my husband and me with so much support and encouragement. Not only do they understand childbirth, but they also understand all the emotions that go along with having a baby. The most amazing thing to me was the bond formed between women, a lasting and deep friendship, between mothers. I not only felt supported, but they helped me feel in control of my labor as well. My husband, who was leery of a vaginal birth after a long and difficult pregnancy, could not of been more relieved and happy to have them there. He was able to look to them for support and ideas to comfort me, while being totally involved in the labor and birth process.” -S.R.

“We can’t thank you enough for how much of a blessing you were to us.  We realize that I presented a very unpredictable pattern with my labor and the ride to the hospital was quite the drama, but is was by far the best of my two deliveries and I’m so glad I went natural.  I have such joy when I think on the experience and my recovery has been much, much quicker and easier.  Thank you for being a source of wisdom, guidance and comfort.  We highly recommend you all to others!” -S.H.

“Having you with me during labor was like having a really knowledgeable sister to help me along through the whole experience.  You are warm and friendly and had a great rapport with the hospital staff.  I knew I could call you for guidance as soon as I started feeling labor pains.  Knowing that you would be readily available was extremely reassuring and helped to relieve much of my anxiety, since this was my first baby.” -K.H.

“My husband’s words exactly: “That was the best decision and money we have ever spent!” We truly feel blessed and are so thankful to have found Birth InSight.  I can’t imagine labor without them!” -A.D.

“I can’t even express how much the class helped with the labor and delivery process. I reviewed the notes from the class almost every day before the labor. Staying relaxed during labor helped tremendously. I was able to take control of the pushing process, took breaks in between and only pushed when I felt the contractions. You may laugh at this, I fell asleep once between contractions.  That tells you how relaxed I was.”  -M.W.

“The experience was invaluable as it gave us the tools to prepare us for a spiritual andnatural birth. You guys are incredible teachers! I think my husband, with his medical mindset, was really pleasantly suprised at the whole process of a natural unmedicated birth.  In our OB/GYN clinicalsneither one of us ever saw anything different from the woman on her back withan epidural.  I had done my research into alternative birth sytles and had been explaining that to my husband all along, but it was an eyeopener for him to see that video and experience your class.   He said he wishes that you guys could give a presentation to OB residents to broaden their horizons!  Thanks again for everything!”  -J.F.

“Thanks to your class Matt and I really felt prepared.  We breathed through contractions together, tried several positions from the class, and together maintained control the entire time.  I cannot thank you enough for your ministry and how you have blessed us by aiding us with the tools for the wonderful birth of our son.  Thank you so much!” -M.C.

“We felt as if the fee was small compared with the amount of time invested and effort used!  We both agree no amount of money could compare to the value of your doula services to us!!” -M.L.