Birth InSight



Our classes give you all of the information you need to make wise and insightful decisions regarding your birth.  We cover nutrition, exercise, anatomy, pain management, and the valuable role of hormones.  We prepare you for every stage of labor so you know what is happening to your body and baby.  We teach you how to push effectively and safely.  We discuss medical interventions and when they are necessary.  We explore breastfeeding and touch on infant care. Our classes answer questions such as: How do I know I am really in labor?  What is labor going to feel like?  How do I know I can handle the pain?  Is having a baby a medical procedure?

Intensive Weekend– We like to call this class our “Birthing Boot Camp” Ideal for military families who are frequently out to sea and those who’s work schedule does not permit the traditional 6 week night class attendance.  Friday from 6:30-9:30 and Saturday from 9:00-3:30.

Weekend Intensive Childbirth Class: Cost $150.00/ couple

Upcoming class dates:

February Class:

Friday, February 19th 6:30-9:30pm

Saturday, February 20th 9:00 am- 3:30pm (lunch included)

To reserve your space email us at [email protected]

Class size is limited, hurry to reserve your spot.

How have our childbirth classes impacted expectant couples just like you?

Class Testimonies:

“I can’t even express how much the class had helped with the labor and delivery process. I had reviewed the
notes from the class almost everyday before the labor. Staying relaxed during labor had helped tremendously. I was able to take control of the pushing process, took breaks in between and only pushed when I felt the contractions. You may laugh at this, I fell asleep once between
contractions.. that tells you how relaxed I was”.  -M.W.

“I just wanted to report that I just had a successful natural birth experience.  I’d like to thank you for your class, it definatly helped.” -M.R.

“Dear Christi & Aimee – Thank you so much for such an insightful and fun birth class!
The experience was invaluable as it gave us the tools to prepare us for a spiritual and natural birth. You guys are incredible teachers! I think my husband, with his medical mindset was really pleasantly suprised at the whole process of a natural unmedicated birth.  In our OB/GYN clinicals niether one of us ever saw anything different from the woman on her back w/ an epidural.  I had done my research into alternative birth sytles and had been explaining that to my husband all along, but it was an eyeopener for him to see that video and experience your class.   He said he wishes that you guys could give a presentation to OB residents to broaden their horizons!
Thanks again for everything!”    -J.F.

“This class saved me when I had Adelia!!  I could not have had her naturally if I hadn’t taken the class… thanks Christi and Aimee!!” -T.V.

“Thanks for being so open and easy to talk to.  We know we can email with questions as they come up.  You two were great!”  -A.D.

“Thanks to your class Matt and I really felt prepared.  We breathed through contractions together, tried several positions from the class, and together maintained control the entire time.  I cannot thank you enough for your ministry and how you have blessed us with it by aiding us with the tools for the wonderful birth of our son.  Thank you so much!” -M.C.