Birth InSight



24 hour on-call availability
Beginning with your 36th week, we will be available by phone. Call any time, when you think you may be in labor.  We are also available through email to help answer any questions you may have about pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding and infant care.

Support throughout your birth
Early labor support at your home or the hospital
Suggestions of positions and activities to help your labor progress
Comfort measures
Massage and acupressure for relaxation
Provide explanation of medical terms and procedures
Take pictures/videos (optional) and record your birth story

Immediately Postpartum
We will stay with you immediately after your baby is born to ensure that you both are heading in a good direction with breastfeeding. We will discuss any questions you may have. Once you feel comfortable, up to 2 hours postpartum, we will leave you to bond with your baby.

Postpartum Visit
We will contact the mom after one week to schedule a time and date for this visit. At the visit we will discuss breastfeeding progress and newborn care, review the labor/birth and will provide a written birth story for your records.  We will also bring you a healthy meal.

Cost for birth attendance:
Includes one pre-labor visit (around week 36), unlimited 24 hour phone calls/emails from week 36+, labor support at home and hospital through delivery, stay with mom up to 2 hours after delivery (to help with breastfeeding), one postpartum visit with a healthy meal for the family.


“While tackling my third birth–a VBAC–Christi and Aimee provided my husband and I withso much support and encouragement.  Not only do they understand childbirth, but they also understand all the emotions that go along with having a baby.  The most amazing thing to me was the bond formed between women–a lasting and deep friendship–between mothers.  I not only felt supported, but they helped me feel in control of my labor as well.  My husband, who was leery of a vaginal birth after a long and difficult pregnancy, could not of been more relievedand happy to have them there.  He was able to look to them for support and ideas to comfort me, while being totally involved in the labor and birth process.” – S.R.

“You both were trustworthy and made me feel very comfortable.”-M.M.

“Wonderful energy and very determined to keep me changing positions and being comfortable.”-J.V.

“We can’t thank you enough for how much of a blessing you were to us.  We realize that I presented a very unpredictable pattern with my labor and the ride to the hospital was quite the drama, but is was by far the best of my two deliveries and I’m so glad I went natural.  I have such joy when I think on the experience and my recovery has been much, much quicker and easier.  Thank you for being a source of wisdom, guidance and comfort.  We highly recommend y’all to others!” -S.H.

“We would love for you to be apart of any future birth experiences with us as well.  God bless you both.” -K.B.

“Both these women were essential in both our births.”- C.M.