Birth InSight

About Us

Christi Jones, RN, (CCE, CD)
I received my diploma in nursing from Bon Secours Memorial School of  Nursing in Richmond, Va in 2002. The Navy brought my husband and I to Va Beach in 2003.  Since then, we have had 3 children, in three different hospitals in the Hampton Roads area,  all with the help of a labor coach or doula.  A number of friends began asking me to be present at their births and it was then that I decided pursue a formal education in childbirth education and doula training, which I received through Charis Childbirth Services.  I wish to give other women the support that I so greatly appreciated in my labors.  My passion is not only serving these women, but also teaching couples to prepare for their births and to set them up for a birth story that they will treasure.

Aimee Roberts (CCE, CD)
I am a wife, mother of five, and an avid runner. I began my college education at George Mason University and finished at Old Dominion University.  I majored in Physical Education and minored in Health.  I have always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle.  Through “the birthing years” (5 kids in 8 years) my desire for healthy pregnancies and safe labors intensified.  Having experienced a cesarean section, a vaginal birth with an epidural, and three unmedicated births–I am passionate about encouraging and supporting women through their own birth story.

Our Vision

We are encouraging you to gain a greater understanding of the natural process of pregnancy and labor.  We teach you to be informed decision makers through our childbirth education class.  You will take ownership over the choices you make, which directly effect your body and your baby.  Our classes proclaim God’s wisdom and His design for your pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, and breastfeeding.  Our hope is that you will embrace this newfound knowledge and make insightful decisions throughout your journey of labor, making it an experience you will always treasure.

We provide doula support at your home and/or hospital.  While serving you, we create a calm and peaceful environment.  We offer comfort measures through a wide variety of coping techniques.  We answer any questions you might have concerning the progression of your labor and procedures the medical staff suggests.  We come to every labor prayerfully prepared to serve and protect you.